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Economic openness, international trade is one of the big chance to develop export import indutries in Vietnam. However, goods to be exported or imported are subject to the customs inspections for quantity, quality, specifications and volume of the goods. Therefore, a export import service is very important and Golden Lotus can solve the necessary steps to ensure smoth customs clearance.

General Export Import Service in hcm

General Export Import Service in hcm


Golden Lotus was established in 2013 with headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City. This is one of the leading customs clearing companies, ensuring easy customs clearance for all customers to receive their goods on time.

We can help ease Import and Export regulations and paperwork in record time for all of your shipments. Golden Lotus’s staff handle with all the trade compliance and procedures by helping clear consignments by sea, land and air quickly and efficiently.

Currently, the company are highly appreciated for the best export import companies with most experience in the procedures as well as import export field. We have a professional, enthusiastic and efficient staff.


Following the standards set by the Vietnamese government, certain exported goods or imported goods are subject to inspection. Thus, importer or exporter must submit a dossier of documents to the customs authorities.

Using Import and Export Service at Golden Lotus will help customers declare the customs documents for the original cargo, goods in full container, the retail will have the items such as food, goods for consumption.

There are 7 different types of customs declaration services at Golden Lotus Company such as:

  • Import Export Business
  • Import Export of goods
  • Import and Export of manufactured goods
  • Importing products for Export production
  • Temporary Import and Re-export of goods
  • Non-commercial export import
  • Import export of goods for exhibitions, trade fairs or meeting.
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Import Service

Golden Lotus Company also provides you with the services of applying for a license for specialized goods, such as the procedures for obtaining certificates of animal and plant quarantine or inspection papers. Safe food hygiene. Besides, we also handles on behalf of the owner of the goods the procedures for the application for the release of the product, the declaration of chemicals, import licenses and other types of certificates.

Consultancy Service at Golden Lotus

The Consultancy Service of Golden Lotus consists of advising clients on the forms of filing and filing of customs declarations, commodity codes, tax codes and inspection after customs clearance. Moreover, we also advises on tax refund procedures, tax exemption and other types of tax policies.

Advising on the import procedures for electrical machinery and equipment or other types of fixed assets, application for free-duty goods or obtaining a certificate of synchronous line. Finalizing the procedures for imported goods are not in accordance with samples, quality is not as specified, unsatisfactory.

Advising enterprise on application CO certificates imported goods to Vietnam with preferential tax rates. Furthermove, Golden Lotus advises on the way of shipping and transportation with container for domestic, international or retail market. We also provides useful information such as the regulations of other countries in around the world, various types of tax declaration service,  customs policy of destination.

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Import Export Services at Golden Lotus

The following documents of imported goods are required such as: Customs import declaration form, Commercial invoice, Bill of lading, Packing list, Technical standard/health certificate, Inspection report, and Terminal handling receipts…

About exported goods need the following documents such as: Customs export declaration form, Commercial invoice, Bill of lading, Certificate of origin, Packing list and Technical standard/health certificate…

Export and import services at Golden Lotus will include set of documents, customs declarations, check and liquidation of the declaration and transfer from the point of delivery to the place of delivery.

Services not included some categories such as D / O fee, THC Charge, sanitary fee, lifting empty, lifting, loading, unloading, import and customs charges, inpection fees.

Why choose Golden Lotus?

Since inception in 2013, we become one of Vietnam’s most recognized export import trade companies. Golden Lotus is a highly recommend as a professional, transparent, modern, and effective Customer Broker of actual situations and national economic development. Nowadays, Golden Lotus has many global partners and performs thousands international shipments each year. We’ve also recognized the one of the company fastest growing companies in Export/Import fields in Vietnam.


Professionally proficient, enthusiastic and devoted to work,  complying with related procedures and regulations, courteous communication.


  • Receiving, responding and solving clients’ opinions or appeals in a timely manner
  • Progressing customs procedure in line with international standards.


  • Reducing the rate of goods inspection.
  • Saving clearance time and administrative cost
  • Meeting the requirements of the state management in the field of customs and follow of customs law compliance.

Thank you for visiting our website and spend the specious time to read about Golden Lotus’s information. If you have any questions please contact us or request a customs declaration quote. We look forward to working with you on your next international shipment.

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